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This is an electronic art exhibit from the Bayly Art Museum at the University of Virginia, curated by Benjamin Ray. The excellent images are accompanied by extensive descriptions explaining their cultural and religious significance.
A set of historical maps on traditional religion, Islam, and Christianity.
"Founded in 2009, the International Journal of African Catholicism is an ecumenical, interdisciplinary, academic, peer-reviewed on-line journal to promote discussion within the African catholic community and to promote dialogue between African and international scholars."
This site offers: "Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa; BookNotes for Africa; International Council for Evangelical Theological Education; Articles, Essays, and other Reference Materials; Other Relevant Organisations."
"The Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, popularly known as the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, has worked in Africa since 1946. These missionaries are Catholic Priests and Brothers from the United States of America, who in response to their own Christian faith, have committed themselves to lifelong service to mission outside of their home nation. Originally directed to share the Good News of Salvation with the peoples of Tanzania and Kenya, Maryknoll's missionary endeavors in Africa now extend to five countries."