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"On Earth Peace answers Jesus Christ's call for peace and justice through its ministries; builds thriving families, congregations, and communities; and provides the skills, support, and spiritual foundation to face violence with active nonviolence." An agency of the Church of the Brethren.
"The Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry exists to provide theological and ministerial resources to enrich and energize ministry in Baptist churches. Our goal is to bring together professor and practitioner to produce and apply these resources to Baptist life, polity, and ministry. The mission of the BCTM is to develop, preserve, and communicate the distinctive theological identity of Baptists." Maintained at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
"We are here to help British Baptists understand their heritage and history. We provide an appropriate academic opportunity for those who wish to study life of Baptist churches, people and ideas, so that Baptists can 'articulate and discover the faith by which we all live.'"