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"Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal for New Testament Studies (SEE-JNTS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal within the field of New Testament Studies in the evangelical tradition, published by the Copenhagen Lutheran School of Theology in cooperation with other schools the Helsjön Fellowship."
This interesting site provides the Greek text of the New Testament, with accents, as image files. When you click on a word, it gives you a grammatical analysis of the word, but without a definition.
This site, well known for classical texts, provides the Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament. It offers lexical aids for students of Greek, drawing on the Liddell-Scott-Jones lexicon.
This site offers: "King James Bible Reference Suite; King James Bible with Strong's Dictionary and Hebrew and Greek Concordance; Parallel Greek New Testament; The Speaking Bible; King James Sacred Name Bible; Free Bible Software." Maintained by John Hurt.
"Choose from over 80 electronic translations of the Bible as well as commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, eBooks, and Strong's numbering system. The Bible is offered in various languages, including German, French, Spanish, Chinese and many others. Original Hebrew and Greek texts are also available."