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"The Center for Late Ancient Studies at Duke University promotes the interdisciplinary study of the culture of the Roman Empire, its neighbors and successors, from the second to the eighth century CE. It was formally established as a center in 2000, as a successor to the Late Ancient Studies Forum."
This site provides access to Latin works by Cicero, Livy, Ovid, et al. It also has a gathering of early Christian texts and medieval texts.
"The Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics is a documentary system highly specialized in patristics. Even if patristic literature remains its major preoccupation, the BIBP touches on all disciplines studying patristic Christianity. This Web site allows to use the bibliographical services of the BIBP. Now, some 32 400 records, from about 325 journals, can be searched. Presently, the database can be searched only in French. By way of French, all records can be searched."
This is an electronic book by Robert I. Bradshaw.