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"Ad Hoc is a faculty-library initiative to support and coordinate resources relating to the history of Christianity at Yale University. While some of the elements of this site are only locally accessible, most are available through the Internet and are intended to serve a larger audience. The purposes and expected uses of materials accessed through this site are educational and scholarly."
A massive collection of texts, including a subsection called Religiosa, "Over 3700 texts, opera omnia and holy books in 40 languages from christian and other religions." The site features hypertext concordances.
"In much of North America and Europe, the younger generations have little knowledge of the central figure in the formation of Western culture. They know little of the way Jesus, his person and teaching, and the way he has been understood, has shaped and reshaped so many key developments in art, science, politics, ideas, society, and culture. Anno Domini: Jesus Through the Centuries offers a modest opportunity to glimpse and consider this tap-root of culture and civilization." This site is an online exhibit of images of Jesus, related to Jaroslav Pelikan's works on changing historical perceptions of Christ. Maintained by the Provincial Museum of Alberta.
This book, by Kenneth Scott Latourette has chapters on the Middle Ages.
A large collection of links to primary sources, maintained at Brigham Young University.