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This site provides access to Latin works by Cicero, Livy, Ovid, et al. It also has a gathering of early Christian texts and medieval texts.
A collection of illuminated manuscript pages from the Middle Ages.
This site provides access to over 80 early manuscripts now in institutions associated with the University of Oxford.
The Gottingen State and University Library has made available images of all 1,282 pages of its editions of the Gutenberg Bible. The site also includes a wealth of information on Gutenberg's age and the invention of the printing press.
The main sections of this web site are: DOCUMENTS -- Translations of Judæo-Christian and Islamic Primary Sources to 1500; GLOSSARY -- Short Essays on Numerous Topics; ARTICLES -- Long Essays on Major Topics and Figures; IMAGES -- Judæo-Christian Iconography and Religious Art; CHRONOLOGY -- Timeline with Geographical Cross-Index.