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An extensive collection of links to electronic versions of works by Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, Zwingli, Bullinger, Mennonites, Schwenkfelder, and Ignatius Loyola. Also includes a picture gallery. Maintained by Hans Rollmann of the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
"It is our contention that the theology of the Reformation is the purest expression of Christianity on the planet. This site exists in order to make important and hard to find primary source Reformation documents readily accessible. This not only includes books and articles from the sixteenth century, but also works from authors who stand in the Reformation tradition."This site offers: Reformation Classics Here at Reformation Ink; Links to Other Reformation Classics; Links to Reformation Creeds & Catechisms; Links to Early Church Resources; Links to Roman Catholic / Eastern Orthodox Resources; Links to Misc. Classical Works. Maintained by The Society of Classical Protestants, Murrieta, CA.
A chapter from the book Christianity Through the Ages by Kenneth Scott Latourette.
The site offers texts and other resources relating to the Catholic Reformation.
"The CRRS is a library and research centre devoted to the study of the period from approximately 1350 to 1700. The Centre also organizes a programme of lectures and seminars, and maintains an active series of publications." Located at the University of Toronto.