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"November 18, 1998 is the twentieth anniversary of the deaths of over 900 Americans in Jonestown, Guyana. Anticipating much media interest and coverage, as well as scholarly and popular study of Peoples Temple as a result, the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Dakota inaugurated this website to present an alternative view to the usual anti-cult hysteria which characterized discussion of Peoples Temple."
"Nurelweb presents sources for the study of religion, including cults, sects, new and historic religions. This is an academic website dedicated to providing reliable information on complex and controversial topics concerning religion from a scholarly perspective. Here you can find information about the definition of religion, myth, ritual, and a host of other topics. There are numerous complete articles plus several books available here." Maintained by Irving Hexham at the University of Calgary.
"The mission of the World Religions &Spirituality Project is to provide objective, reliable and comprehensive information about the diverse array of religious and spiritual groups currently found in North America. The central feature of the WRSP website is, therefore, profiles of contemporary religious and spiritual movements, established world religions, and historical religious and spiritual movements. Each profile includes a presentation of the group's distinctive beliefs, rituals, organization and leadership, and issues/challenges."