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"The Alban Institute connects laity, clergy, and executives to resources that help them lead more fulfilling, faithful lives as they seek to serve God in their congregations, communities, and the world at large. Founded in 1974 by the Rev. Loren B. Mead, the Institute has consistently addressed the tough issues facing congregations. Our action research projects address issues such as: visioning and planning, congregational growth, welcoming and involving new members, congregational dynamics when clergy leave, managing conflict in congregations, exploring the role of lay leadership, financial crises and more."
"The Ekklesia Project is not a church, nor is it an alternative to existing local churches. It intends to celebrate and make known the work of those congregations and groups whose allegiances to God and the Body of Christ make discipleship a lived reality in the world. The Project also intends, in the spirit of 'fraternal correction' (cf. Mt. 18: 15-16; 1Thess. 5:14), to challenge communities and practices that have minimized or diluted the church's obligation to be a 'light to the nations' (cf. Isa. 49:6) and a foretaste of the promised Kingdom of God."
"At the DayCenter for Church Planting, we help church planters, church plant teams, and sponsor churches to reach an area for Christ. Our principles come from the Bible and time-tested practices of successful businesses and church plants."
A large collection of links to works on contemporary ecclesiology. Maintained by Arnold Neufeldt-Fast.
"Llistening to what God is up to; connecting local communities of faith; embracing thoughtful discovery."