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"The Vibrant Congregations Project identifies six critical dimensions that make up vibrant congregational life and culture. Biblical Fluency; Biblical Preaching; Children, Youth and Family; Missional Leadership; Stewardship; Vocation. It is in focusing on and developing these six dimensions that Luther Seminary hopes to discover and share what brings greater vibrancy to congregations."
"Our purpose is to help the church interpret theologically the massive changes in communication and technology occurring today, and to create a constructive framework to help pastors and religious leaders employ new digital media in ways that strengthen faith communities. Read the blog posts and our theological essays for more of our hunches and ideas about all of this." Maintained at Christian Theological Seminary.
"Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization is a free online journal that explores the theological and pastoral roots of the new evangelization, with particular attention to catechesis, liturgy, adult theological education, a spirituality of vocation, and the formation of ordained and lay ministers." Maintained at the University of Notre Dame.