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"The IJES links together scholars and friends of various specializations, vocations, backgrounds, and nations, who share a common interest in the legacy of Jacques Ellul (1912-94), long time professor at the University of Bordeaux. Our three objectives are (1) to preserve and disseminate his literary and intellectual heritage, (2) to extend his penetrating social critique, especially concerning technology, and (3) to extend his theological and ethical research with its special emphases on hope and freedom. From time to time we announce meetings, lectures, and conferences (small or large, formal or informal, sponsored by the IJES/AIJE or by others) related to Ellul and his concerns."
This page offers information about Ellul and the collection of his papers located at Wheaton College in Illinois.
This site offers the full text of a book by Ellul.
A brief introduction, written by Victor Shepherd.
This page offers many online texts by Ellul.