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"EEN is a unique evangelical ministry whose purpose is to 'declare the Lordship of Christ over all creation' (Col. 1:15-20). EEN was formed because we recognize many 'environmental' problems are fundamentally spiritual problems. EEN's flagship publication, Creation Care magazine, provides you with biblically informed and timely articles on topics ranging from how to protect your loved ones against environmental threats to how you can more fully praise the Creator for the wonder of His creation."
A statement drafted by a group of evangelical leaders in 2006.
This program, located in Southern Oregon, offers an intensive experience for Christian college students from various schools.
"The Evangelical Press Association embraces some 375 periodicals, organizations, and individual members. Its 250-plus periodical members have a combined circulation of more than 20 million readers."
"The purpose of The Christian Periodical Index is to provide access to English language articles and reviews written from an evangelical perspective. It is available in print and electronic formats."