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"The International Association for Jungian Studies provides a forum and focus for the exciting and important work being done in Jungian and Post-Jungian studies all over the world. The IAJS is equally open to academics, analysts, therapists, practising artists, students and candidates in training."
A BBC documentary on Jung and religion.
"The Jung Page is dedicated to exploring questions of meaning which engage the individual as well as the varied cultures in which we live. This conversation is greatly enlarged by the contributions of C. G. Jung, (1875-1961) and the rich permutations of analytical psychology which continue to develop. Here you will find original essays, reprinted articles, reviews of books and films, research tools, a lexicon of terms, and works of creativity. You will also find ways to connect with the worldwide Jungian community, including information on publishers, local societies and professional organizations, scholars, analysts, and other interested individuals."