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This online exhibit was organized by the Library of Congress. It is divided into six sections: What Came To Be Called "America"; The Mediterranean World; Christopher Columbus: Man and Myth; Inventing America; Europe Claims America; Epilogue.
"Welcome to the internet's most comprehensive website on Cuban Judaism. Judaism in Cuba, like other religions there, was severely restricted for almost three decades. Now it is being rebuilt by the ten percent of the Jewish population which remained after the 'revolution'."
This site provides information about the programs of this school, which is located in Costa Rica.
"Founded in 1982, the Latin American Jewish Studies Association (LAJSA) encourages scholarly research on Latin American Jewry as an element in the study of Latin American ethnicity, and as a branch of Jewish Studies. LAJSA promotes scholarship concerning the Jewish experience in Latin America through research, publication, and teaching at universities, colleges, and other research centers."
Photographs of churches in northern Mexico and southern Arizona.