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An article by Anthony Kelly in Quodlibet Journal.
An article by Tad Dunne in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
"The Sydney Lonergan Centre exists to promote the ongoing work of Bernard Lonergan, SJ. Lonergan was a Canadian Philosopher- Theologian who died in 1984. His life's work was to produce a Method in Theology that met the standards set by modern science, modern history and modern scholarship."
"The Lonergan Research Institute of Regis College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has a simple aim: to carry on the work of philosopher-theologian-educator Bernard J.F. Lonergan--a work of immense importance for the churches and human society at a time when both are in urgent need of creative leadership. An old tradition says: where there is no understanding, the people perish. Lonergan's contribution to human living is par excellence one of understanding."
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