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"LFM publishes articles and manuscripts in French and English. It looks at religion at large, with a strong emphasis on Christian missions and their legacy. Geographically, it focuses on the African continent, though it aims to compare the latter with other areas as well. It offers a wide range of analytical perspectives, with contributions from disciplines such as history, anthropology, sociology, political science and theology."
Published by "The Lutheran Society for Missiology, a society of Lutherans who are interested in the Apostolic mission of God in today's world."
"As the ecumenical professional association for mission studies in North America, the American Society of Missiology seeks to: Promote the scholarly study of theological, historical, social and practical questions relating to the missionary dimension of the Christian church; Relate studies in Missiology to the other scholarly disciplines; Promote fellowship and cooperation among individuals and institutions engaged in activities and studies related to Missiology; Facilitate mutual assistance and exchange of information among those thus engaged; Encourage research and publication in the study of Christian missions."
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"Brigada is a system of conferences and forums that allow you to network with others who share common interests in sharing God's love with previously unreached cities and peoples around the world."
"Caleb Project serves churches, mission agencies, and campus ministries throughout the United States by educating, assisting, and challenging them to complete their part in the goal of evangelizing the people groups of the world. This ministry is carried out through: giving missions presentations; sending short-term research teams, prayer-journey teams, and church leaders on exposure trips; advocating for specific unreached peoples; coordinating the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement courses; producing and distributing prayer guides and materials designed to heighten missions awareness and involvement."