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Published under the auspices of the American Benedictine Academy.
"Raven's Bread, Food for Those in Solitude is a newsletter designed to meet the needs of hermits, especially their desire to connect with others who share their values. Simply knowing that others are 'out there' provides heart-warming assurance that they are not alone in their life-choice. We offer the option of connection without joining; of companionship without intrusion; of guidance without judgment."
A guide to Internet resources, organized under these headings: Monastic History I (Pre-Benedict); Monastic History II (Benedict to the Reformation); Rule of Benedict; Comprehensive Examination Reading List; Other related links. Maintained by Elizabeth T. Knuth at the College of St. Benedict.
The home page of a Roman Catholic monastery in New Mexico.
This is the web site of a monastery of Episcopalian Benedictine monks.