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An interview with Lesslie Newbigin by Andrew Walker.
"Newbigin.Net is a dynamic searchable database concerned with the writings and life of Bishop J.E. Lesslie Newbigin. It includes both a comprehensive bibliography of his writings and a wide-ranging collection of texts written by him - over two hundred in all. It also contains some significant interactions with his thought. Newbigin.Net aims to provide theological students and teachers with extensive tools for the in-depth study of Newbigin's thought, including such areas as the theology of mission, ecumenism, and 'Gospel and Culture'."
A large collection of links to online resources by and about Lesslie Newbigin.
"The network has its origins in the Gospel and Our Culture programme initiated by Lesslie Newbigin in Britain in the 1980's. Today it continues to draw much inspiration from his writings."
"The mission of The Newbigin House of Studies is to provide theological, cultural, and spiritual formation for men and women interested in a wise and engaging missional impact in an increasingly secularized culture. Located in the most secular city in the United States - San Francisco - Newbigin features a faculty of scholar-pastors experienced in navigating the terrain of church planting in urban centers, church revitalization, social justice and mercy, lay theological training, pastoral care and counseling, and more."