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Definitions of more than 350 theological terms.
"This Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia is intended to provide new scholarly articles in the rapidly-growing international field of Religion and Science. These articles were written primarily by European authors and are available here for the first time in English translation. They offer a unique window into the approaches and perspectives of the European community towards what has become a field of immense cultural significance throughout the world. Each article provides a very readable and comprehensive summary of what is currently being discussed in religion and science on a specific topic as well as how these topics were discussed historically." The articles are written primarily from a Roman Catholic point of view.
This is the online version of the print reference work, edited by William Swatos, Jr.
"Our mission is to increase the visibility and accessibility of the Scriptures online by providing free access to Bible study tools in many languages."
A collection of online commentaries, dictionaries, audio bibles, and other resources.