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A substantial collection on online essays written from an Eastern Orthodox perspective.
This site offers a general introduction to Orthodox iconography, with extenstive information about painters, schools, subjects, and historical developments. Maintained at Rollins College.
"The purpose of is to provide: Information about the history, development and practice of liturgics and liturgical music in the Judeo-Christian milieu. Links to other sites on related subjects. A Web Store that offers a wide selection of liturgical compact discs and books."
"The purpose of this website is to enable the visitor to re-discover and experience the beauty and deeper meaning of (Orthodox) Byzantine Icons, the visual and spiritual treasures of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The site provides easy access to 4000 ancient & medieval byzantine icons, frescoes & mosaics, ordered by country of origin, and to a further 7000 contemporary byzantine icons & frescoes ordered by iconographer. Furthermore, a wealth of information is available to aid (better) understanding byzantine icons."
Offers information about the history and meaning of Orthodox icons, and the craft of icon painting. Maintained by iconographer Bob Atchison.