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"Noesis is a limited area search engine for open access, academic philosophy on the Internet."
"ANAMNESIS is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, academic journal dedicated to the study of Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine.’ The journal will strive to avoid ideological commitments and, instead, be open to diverse scholarship relating to our major themes. Tradition signals the importance of custom and our relation to the past. In this sense, it can be a guide to human conduct and a constituent of rationality."
Prof. Piety teaches at Drexel University.
"The Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture was established in 2005 to advance understanding of the role of secular values and the process of secularization in contemporary society and culture. Nonpartisan and multidisciplinary, the Institute conducts academic research, sponsors curriculum development, and presents public events." An institute at Trinity College in Connecticut.
"Eye of the Heart is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal in the field of Traditional Philosophy and Religious Studies. It addresses the inner meaning of philosophy and religion through elucidations of metaphysical, cosmological, and soteriological principles, and through a penetration of the forms preserved in each religious tradition."