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"The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools was formed in 1968 and comprises 65 theological colleges and seminaries of all churches in Australia and New Zealand."
"Begun in 1954 with the goal of supporting excellence in the profession of ministry, the Fund for Theological Education has enjoyed a long and rich history, providing gifted women and men with nearly 5000 fellowships and generating innovative new programs for theological and ministerial support."
"This document provides information regarding graduate studies programs in the field of Asian philosophy and religion (including Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism or Taoism)."
"WOCATI Purposes: To provide an established and continuing forum for members to confer concerning matters of common interest related to theological education; To consider and promote relations of member associations to one another, to other educational organizations and units throughout the world, to appropriate ecclesiastical agencies as they relate to theological education, and to other bodies as may be relevant; To identify and advocate excellence in theological education and ministerial practice and to encourage full compliance with the standards and purposes as established by the member institutions."