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"The Religion, Politics, and Globalization Program at UC Berkeley promotes multidisciplinary research and programming by organizing lectures and conferences, encouraging student and faculty research, and serving as a hub for community members interested in understanding how the forces of religion, politics, and globalization interact in the modern world."
A collection of links to online materials relating to Peter Berger. Maintained by David Kessel.
"Published by the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, the Catholic Social Science Review publishes scholarship faithful to the tradition's social doctrines. Scholars from a wide variety of social scientific and allied fields contribute to the journal."
"Through a collegiality of Catholic scholars, professors, researchers, practitioners, and writers, the SCSS brings rigorous, credible scholarship to political, social and economic questions. SCSS members approach their work in both a scholarly and evangelical spirit. They are expected to strictly observe the highest scholarly and professional requirements of their disciplines as they examine their data in light of Church teaching and the Natural Law. In this way, the Society seeks to obtain objective knowledge about the social order, provide solutions to vexing social problems, and further the cause of Christ."