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A set of links which enable the user to access images from the major world religions. Maintained by Saundra Lipton at the University of Calgary.
"In 1967, artist William Gropper completed a series of five windows in the Gottlieb Community Hall at West Suburban Temple Har Zion in River Forest, Illinois. We are proud to present a celebration of these vibrant windows which represent some of the most familiar stories of Genesis."
A broad overview of the history of Russian painting, including icons. Maintained at Rollins College.
Over 25 works of Chinese art "from the Warring States period to the Qing dynasty [that] demonstrate the development of Taoism and Taoist art." Accompanying text explores themes of tradition (Laozi, cosmology), church (priests, rituals), and renaissance (goddesses, Zhenwu, Inner Alchemy, landscape). Includes diagrams of the Chinese zodiac, Taji, and Trigrams; a map of China; a timeline; classroom lesson plans; a glossary; a list of related books; and links. From the Art Institute of Chicago.
"A free site on the World Wide Web since 1996, the Blake Archive was conceived as an international public resource that would provide unified access to major works of visual and literary art that are highly disparate, widely dispersed, and more and more often severely restricted as a result of their value, rarity, and extreme fragility. The Archive contains fully searchable and scalable electronic editions of copies of Blake's illuminated works in the context of full, up-to-date bibliographic information about each image, scrupulous 'diplomatic' transcriptions of all texts, detailed descriptions of all images, and extensive bibliographies."