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"The Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture. ASREC is a new academic association designed to foster research and scholarship about the relationships between economics and religion in society. ASREC sponsors conferences and other forms of scholarly interaction."
"The Christian Business Academy Review (CBAR) is devoted to promoting Christian business education through publication of faith-based articles that focus on Research in Business Education, Creative Instruction, Curriculum Development and Professional Issues."
An article by David Lutz in the Journal of Globalization for the Common Good (2006).
"The Center on Faith in Communities seeks to inspire, educate, equip, and resource the Christian community for the work of mercy and justice among the poor." The Center is directed by Amy Sherman.
"The Christian Business Faculty Association exists to assist and encourage Christian business faculty in the study, integration, teaching, and application of Biblical truths in service to the academy, students, and the business community."