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An article by Bashit Koshul in the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning (2005).
An article by Fahri Karakas in the Journal of Globalization for the Common Good (2006).
"The Center on Religion & the Professions works to improve religious literacy among professionals, to help them serve a diverse public. We improve the religious literacy of professionals by: Supporting ground-breaking research on how religion affects people and encouraging its use by the appropriate professionals; Creating resources and training programs to improve religious literacy among professionals; Developing and testing curriculum about religion for all disciplines; Presenting public forums and discussions to improve professionals' and the public's understanding of religion." Located at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
"The mission of JGCG is to: Promote ethical, moral and spiritual values into the areas of economics, commerce, trade, international relations, global media reporting and communication, as well as personal virtues; Advance understanding and action on major global issues by civil society, the private enterprise, the public sector, governments, and national and international institutions; Promote collaborative policy solutions to the challenges posed by globalisation; Discuss the implications of marketplace and economic issues; and Analyze and discuss the problems and challenges of globalization not merely from an economic point of view, but also from ethical and moral perspectives."