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This site offers reviews from a Christian point of view.
"The Decent Films Guide exists to help make available to movie watchers information they need to make wise decisions about the film choices available to them, and to promote thoughtful, critical evaluation of movies, particularly from the perspective of the historic Christian faith. The DFG offers in-depth reviews of both contemporary and older films, evaluating them for moral and spiritual worth as well as artistic and entertainment value." Maintained by Steven Greydanus.
"IMDb is part of the group of companies. Its objective is to provide useful and up to date movie information freely available on-line, across as many systems and platforms as possible." This site is widely recognized as the most comprehensive source of information about movies.
A very long list of films, with basic data and synopses.
A substantial set of resources from the Catholic Church. "The following movies have been evaluated by the U.S. Catholic Conference's Office for Film and Broadcasting according to artistic merit and moral suitability. The reviews include the USCC rating, the Motion Picture Association of America rating, and a brief synopsis of the movie."