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This site offers synopses of movies with a view to how they can be used in congregational and educational contexts.
"Websites offer the most efficient way to find movie information and reviews. The list below includes both general websites where you can find information on literally thousands of movies, as well as websites that offer reviews from a Christian perspective. Of those with a Christian orientation, some are mainly interested in offering warnings about aspects of a movie that viewers might find offensive, others seek to draw moralistic analogies between the Bible and movies, and still others focus on bringing theological insight to bear on the interpretation of movies. My hope is that these sites will contribute to serious reflection on the intersection of film and faith." Maintained by Gordon Matties at Canadian Mennonite University.
"The National Center for Jewish Film is a unique film library created to preserve the pictorial records of the Jewish experience. The Center is: An Archive... to ensure the preservation of films of Jewish subject matter, to collect and catalogue all extant materials. A Study Center... to provide means for scholars, filmmakers, video producers, and students to view films and conduct research and procure stock footage. An Audiovisual Library... to circulate films to educational institutions, community groups and the public." Maintained at Brandeis University.
This site surveys the history of film adaptations of the Old Testament from the silent films to the present. Maintained by Tyler Williams.
Provides movie reviews from a conservative Christian point of view. Maintained by Timothy Cowley and Paul S. Taylor.