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This page makes humorous definitions out of philosopher's names, e.g.: "buber, v. To struggle in a morass of one's own making. 'After I defined the self as a relation that relates to itself relatingly, I bubered around for three pages.' Hence buber, n. one who bubers. 'When my mistake was pointed out to me, I felt like a complete buber.'"
"Whether you're looking for clean jokes or humorous stories and anecdotes, recorded comedy material, or someone to book for a live performance, you've come to the right place! Many of the comedians listed in the 'Comedians Corral' have a CD project or video (or both) that you will enjoy...and as you visit their pages, you'll find out more about them, and how to have them to come to your church or event to minister in their unique way!"
"Ship of Fools is a fast-growing Christian website, specializing in humor, satire and popular theology. Based in London, it was originally a printed journal in the 1980s, and is now the UK's first Christian web magazine."
"As an ongoing autopsy of religion and culture, SoMA seeks to illuminate the difference between authentic and inauthentic faith, not because we consider ourselves experts on the subject—we don’t—but because we need to keep reminding ourselves that there is a difference. Our faith depends on it."