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"The Purpose of Reformation of the Arts and Music (RAM) is to publish materials that promote a general understanding of Art's meaning and methods, so that both artists and art enthusiasts may develop appreciation and discernment in all areas of the Arts, including music, literature, poetry, performance, architecture, sculpture, craftworks, and the graphic arts." Maintained by Matt Bynum.
"This is the Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts, a collection of digital documents collected in the subject areas of English literature, American literature, and Western philosophy."
"This page lists Internet sources for literary texts in the western European languages other than English. Translations are mentioned only when they are included in collections of original language texts, or when they are themselves of interest." Maintained by the Association of College and Research Libraries.
"The Oxford Text Archive works to identify, collect, and preserve high-quality, well-documented electronic texts and linguistic corpora, which it then makes available to others. The Oxford Text Archive holds several thousand electronic texts and linguistic corpora, in a variety of languages. Its holdings include electronic editions of works by individual authors, standard reference works such as the Bible and mono-/bilingual dictionaries, and a range of language corpora."