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"The purpose of is to provide: Information about the history, development and practice of liturgics and liturgical music in the Judeo-Christian milieu. Links to other sites on related subjects. A Web Store that offers a wide selection of liturgical compact discs and books."
"The Purpose of Reformation of the Arts and Music (RAM) is to publish materials that promote a general understanding of Art's meaning and methods, so that both artists and art enthusiasts may develop appreciation and discernment in all areas of the Arts, including music, literature, poetry, performance, architecture, sculpture, craftworks, and the graphic arts." Maintained by Matt Bynum.
"Digital images of over 16,000 pages of sheet music from 3042 pieces published in the United States between 1850 and 1920. A rich database of information about the music is searchable and browsable in a variety of ways, and the site includes background information about the music itself as well as the social, cultural, and political events that shaped the songs and that are depicted in the pieces." This collection is browseable and searchable. An impressive resource from Duke University.
This site offers sound files of Eastern Orthodox liturgical music: major feasts of the church, Orthodox radio, orthros hymns, divine liturgy, vespers, and other resources.
Features MIDI files of hymn tunes from The United Methodist Hymnbook (1989), and from The Standard Psalm Tune Book compiled by Henry E. Dibdin in 1851. The site is searchable and it provides related links.