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"The Cockburn Project is a unique website that exists to document the work of Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Bruce Cockburn. The central focus of the Project is the ongoing archiving of Cockburn's self-commentary on his songs, albums, and issues. You will also find news, tour dates, an online store, and other current information." Maintained Nigel Parry.
A major annual venue for (alternative) Christian music.
"The Dictionary of North American Hymnology indexes the contents of 4876 hymnals, published in North America between 1640 and 1978, and over one million hymns contained in these publications. The index can currently be searched in two ways, for a hymnal or for a hymn. Each of these can be searched through multiple fields."
This site offers information about the programs of the Institute.
"The National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) is a membership organization primarily composed of musicians, musician-liturgists, clergy, and other leaders of prayer devoted to serving the life and mission of the Church through fostering the art of musical liturgy in Roman Catholic worshipping communities in the United States of America."