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"The Ancient World Mapping Center promotes cartography, historical geography and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies through innovative and collaborative research, teaching, and community outreach activities." Click on "free maps" to access various online maps of the ancient world.
"Welcome to the World Missions Atlas Project. Our mission is comprehensive: To create maps of languages and people groups for each country of the world while linking appropriate missions related data. The status of each language and people group is evaluated with regards to the JESUS Film and Bible translation as well as their current level of exposure to the gospel message (also known as the "Status of Evangelization")."
A set of historical maps on traditional religion, Islam, and Christianity.
"GMI is a Christian inter-denominational missionary technical support agency. Our highest priority is serving evangelical mission ministry leaders in the developing world."
"This exhibition presents a selection of maps and views to illustrate the history of Jerusalem as it celebrates the 3000th anniversary of its establishment as the capital of King David's unified Kingdom of Israel. Many of these documents are centuries old. Some of them are imaginary and idealized portrayals based on Scriptural interpretation, and reflect the ideologies and religious persuasions of their makers. Others are objective depictions derived from historical records or eyewitness observations." Maintained at the University of Southern Maine.