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"The American Schools of Oriental Research supports and encourages the study of the peoples and cultures of the Near East, from the earliest times to the present. Founded in 1900, ASOR....communicates news of the latest research findings in its publications and through lectures at its Annual Meeting, while its overseas institutes host scholars working in the Middle East. ASOR's book series and journals such as Near Eastern Archaeology and the Bulletin of ASOR, are aimed at both a lay audience and specialist archaeologists, historians, and Biblical scholars."
"Founded in 1996, The American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to further research in, and the teaching of, Greek and Latin epigraphy in North America. The Society fosters collaboration in the field and facilitates the exchange of scholarly research and discussion, both in the public forum and in published form."
"The Society for American Archaeology is an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas."
"North American Academy of Liturgy is an ecumenical and inter-religious association of liturgical scholars who work to promote and support liturgical research, publication, and dialogue at the scholarly level."
"The Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality is an international scholarly environment established in April 2007 to support architectural and interdisciplinary scholarship, research, practice, and education on the significance, experience and meaning of the built environment. Its activities include web-based information resources, networking and discussion groups, conferences and symposia, and publications."