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"Cross International Catholic Outreach's priority is to help 'the poorest of the poor.' Our ministry began in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and home to some of the most destitute people in our modern world. Efforts have since grown to reach those suffering extreme poverty in other Caribbean countries as well as countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America."
"The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad ecumenical network for international cooperation in advocacy on global trade and HIV and AIDS. More than 85 churches and church-related organizations have joined the Alliance by committing themselves to 'speak out with one voice against injustice, to confront structures of power, practices and attitudes which deprive human beings of dignity and to offer alternative visions based on the Gospel.'"
"MAP International promotes the Total Health of people living in the world’s poorest communities by partnering to: Provide essential medicine; Promote community health development; Prevent and mitigate disease, disaster and other health threats."
"The Center on Faith in Communities seeks to inspire, educate, equip, and resource the Christian community for the work of mercy and justice among the poor." The Center is directed by Amy Sherman.
"The ACT Alliance works towards a world community where all God’s creation lives with dignity, justice, peace and full respect for human rights and the environment. Members of the alliance work together for positive and sustainable change in the lives of people affected by poverty and injustice through coordinated and effective humanitarian, development and advocacy work. We work with and for people of all faiths and none."