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"The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion was founded in 1949 by scholars in religion and social science. Its purpose is to stimulate and communicate significant scientific research on religious institutions and religious experience. Scholars from all fields of study who are interested in the scientific exploration of religion are invited to join the Society. Membership in the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion gives scholars the opportunity to share their research and ideas with other scholars."
"The North American Association for the Study of Religion was initially formed in 1985 to encourage the historical, comparative, structural, theoretical and cognitive study of religion among North American scholars; to represent North American scholars of religion at the international level; and to sustain communication between North American scholars and their international colleagues engaged in the study of religion."
"Theta Alpha Kappa is the only national honor society serving the needs of those involved in the study of religion and/or theology at both the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels of higher education. Honoring excellence in these academic fields is its primary purpose, and it currently hosts over 190 local chapters throughout the United States at institutions both large and small, public and private."
This attractively designed site offers an introduction to the field of religious studies. It is aimed primarily at undergraduate students, and is sponsored by the American Academy of Religion. It answers questions about religious studies such as: Why study religion?, What is religion?, What will I study?, and Where do I start?