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Maintained by the North of England Institute for Christian Education.
"Our mission is to present balanced, biblically-based perspectives on a multitude of issues while training Christian students and adults to develop a Christian world view." This organization focuses on educating Christian high school and college students. The site has many articles on various topics.
"Welcome to the Christian Educators of the 20th Century web-based database. This site provides access to information about the people who have shaped the field of Christian education in North America throughout the 20th Century. It is overseen by an editorial board consisting of Christian education scholars from a variety of denominational backgrounds."
"The Weyerhaeuser Center at Whitworth College aspires to be nationally recognized for innovative programs designed to promote Christian scholarship, effective faith-learning integration in and out of the classroom, greater spiritual depth in students, renewal of clergy and education for laity, and a better understanding of the dynamic between religion and culture in the Pacific Northwest."