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"The International Shinto Foundation is being established to dispel misunderstandings about Shinto and introduce its qualities as one of the most liberal and broad-minded religions on the planet. Shinto is among the few sects in the world which does not oppose any other religion's philosophy. Beyond that a major aim of the foundation is to disseminate Japanese culture to provide a clearer understanding of all aspects of Japan."
"Jinja Honcho (Association of Shinto Shrines) is a religious organization which administrates about 80,000 Shinto Shrines throughout Japan. The objectives of Jinja Honcho are: 1) to guide member shrines in terms of administration, 2) to preserve traditional Shinto rituals and festivals, as well as promoting traditional moral, 3) to pray for prosperous development of Japanese society, 4) and to contribute in establishing everlasting world peace."