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This site offers information under the following headings: The Sikh Spirit; Code of Conduct; Sikh Sovereignty; Famous Sikhs; HukamNama; Gurmat Articles; Panthic Information.
This site provides an introduction to Sikh history and beliefs.
"This web site is purely devoted to the study and understanding of the Gurbani — Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS), the Sikh holy scriptures and the eternal living Satguru. As a disciple, the purpose of this humble effort is to gain deeper understanding of the Divine Word of the Gurbani as it is, and, along the way, share it with other thirsty souls." Maintained by T. Singh.
"SALDEF’s mission is to protect the civil rights of Sikh Americans and ensure a fostering environment in the United States for our future generations. We empower Sikh Americans through legal assistance, educational outreach, legislative advocacy, and media relations."
"Explore that deepest essence within you that yearns to reconnect with your creator & to love and serve all beings unconditionally... Our organised topics include indepth study of sikh philosophy as a universal religion. Our fascinating collection includes exclusive intellectual articles written by our members. You are warmly invited to share your collection of articles with us and become part of worldwide community of seekers."