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A collection of video lectures by Chet Wood on the social justice teachings of the Bible.
"we belive that: The people of God are called to live lives rooted in the Gospel; The church is the people of God and the people of God are accountable to the Creator and each other; Faith communities have the responsibility to foster inclusivity and justice; Every individual has the right to act according to an informed conscience and the responsibility to promote the equality and dignity of all people."
Maintained by Lawrence Hinman. A set of links to works by: Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Augustine, Aquinas, Montaigne, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Hume, Mill, Wollstonecraft, and Kant, along with links to other e-text collections.
An article by Matthew Lamb in Process Studies, 1985.
"Our mission is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world." A Christian periodical addressing social and political issues.