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Over 25 works of Chinese art "from the Warring States period to the Qing dynasty [that] demonstrate the development of Taoism and Taoist art." Accompanying text explores themes of tradition (Laozi, cosmology), church (priests, rituals), and renaissance (goddesses, Zhenwu, Inner Alchemy, landscape). Includes diagrams of the Chinese zodiac, Taji, and Trigrams; a map of China; a timeline; classroom lesson plans; a glossary; a list of related books; and links. From the Art Institute of Chicago.
An excellent gathering of primary e-texts from Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.
"This site contains Chinese classics with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology. No Chinese software is necessary - characters are displayed as images. Links to English translations are included for most works."
An article by Chad Hansen in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
"American Daoist Cultivation is a website designed to facilitate learning about the transformation of Daoism in contemporary North America. The website consists of twelve brief video interviews with prominent American Daoist practitioners. These interviews have been arranged into four sections based around four common themes: healing, the body, cultivation and transcendence. Each section has its own introduction and each interview is accompanied by its own commentary. The website is designed principally to complement undergraduate courses in religious studies at the 200-300 level."