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"The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies is a non-profit religious organization established to promote traditional Taoist studies. The Center offers classes in Taoist Religion, Philosophy, Chi Quong and Martial Arts."
Essays on Taoist thought written by Chad Hansen, who teaches philosophy at the University of Hong Kong.
"Daoist Studies is a scholarly, non-profit, Internet resource for Daoist Studies that aims to foster international scholarly communication about the study of Daoism." Maintained by James Miller.
"Overview of Taoism, its history, and its central tenets. Includes a consideration of the relations between Taoism and T'ai Chi ch'uan."
"The Center for Daoist Studies is a North American organization dedicated to research and education on the Daoist tradition. Our principal activities include (1) Research on the history of Daoism, with particular attention to the diverse methods and contextual nuances of Daoist practice; (2) Education about Daoism as a Chinese religious tradition; (3) Translation of classical and contemporary Daoist literature into English; (4) Collection and archiving of historically significant materials related to Daoism; and (5) Dissemination of accurate and relevant information on Daoism in digital and media formats. The Center also aims at facilitating dialogue and networking among Daoist scholars, practitioners and communities both in North America and throughout the world."