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"The Department for Theological Education supports the work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) eight seminaries, primarily in their mission to provide theological education for the training of clergy and lay leaders in the ELCA."
This page offers information about Presbyterian seminaries.
"As an ecumenical consortium, The Boston Theological Institute exists for the following purposes: to enhance, in and through the constituent schools theological education that pursues the truth in love, advances the unity of the Church and brings closer the healing of broken humanity; to create and foster a milieu for dialogue envisioning an experimentation in theological inquiry and preparation for ministry, to contribute to the formation of church leaders with strong ecumenical commitment; to strengthen the schools for their respective missions and tasks, and to enhance the particular gifts of each of them, to promote and provide opportunities for faculty curriculum, and program cooperation among the schools; to provide resources for the schools that are best made available through cooperation and coordination."
"Founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1995, In Trust is a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening boards and governance in North American theological schools -- Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, mainline and evangelical Protestant. Our most visible service is the quarterly In Trust magazine, but In Trust's governance mentors also engage with leaders directly in Good Faith Governance seminars and on individual campuses."